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F2F Multi Grain Batter

Rs 50 (550gms- makes 10 idlis/8 dosas,
Shelf life – 5 days)

Our Multigrain batter is freshly ground with multiple grains and millets in the most hygienic conditions. We have dusted and brought out our good old grandma’s multigrain recipe for you which is filled with proteins, dietary fiber and minerals.


F2F Multi Dal (Adai) Batter

Rs 70 ( 500 gms- Makes 8 Adai’s, Shelf life –3 days)

Our Multi dal Adai batter is loaded with proteins. Adai dosa is the excellent choice if you are bored with normal dosa, as Adai dosa is made with dhals & chillies, ginger, curry leaves which gives adai a special flavor, color & taste.


F2F Appam Batter

Rs 60 ( 500 gms – Makes 8-10 Appams,
Shelf life – 3 days)

Our Appam batter is made traditionally using original kerala recipe using rice, fresh coconut. We giveyou perfectly fermented batter which are ready to cook immediately.


F2F White Idli/Dosa Batter

Rs 70 ( 1kg – Makes 20 idlis,
Shelf life – 7 days)

Research says we need 3 carbs and 1 protein to kick start our day. Our traditional idli dosa batter is made in that ratio exactly. Our hygienically ground white batter can make the softest of softest idli’s.


F2F Multi Millet

Rs 80 ( 500 grams – Makes 8-10 dosas,
Shelf life – 5 days)

Pure millet- No rice- batter with 60% less carbs than traditional batter.


Uddina(Medu) Vada Batter

Rs 80 ( 500gms - Makes 22 vda)
Shelf life – 3 days.

Want to have easy homemade snack ? Try F2F spicy indian donut (Uddin vada) batter . Made from urad dal n a pack can serve 15 vadas .