About Us

How it Started


It was one of the regular 9 am phone calls with my mom and she was asking me what I gave children for breakfast. I thoughtlessly replied "some cornflakes mom"

She was very upset when she heard that "there are so many options available in Indian breakfast which are so healthy and protein rich I don't understand why this generation is ready to compromise on health for lack of time. It just takes a bit of planning on Sunday to get your batters ready for the week"

I tired putting up a weak defence saying "who has the time mom to soak, grind and ferment and inspite of all that my idli's aren't as soft as yours.


Later during the day she messaged me "Drop in on your way home , I will have the batter packed for you. And henceforth will send over fresh batter every Sunday evening"

And that was an aha moment...Here's my mom who has immense knowledge and experience of making the best varieties of batter for a power breakfast every morning vs one whole generation who knowingly chose to substitute their most important meal with easy and unhealthy options.


And thus began our story, we a group of 3 women are working hard with a focus to make available the best, healthy and fresh breakfast options available in easy ready to use form All our batters go through a careful (under the hawk eyes of my mom and grand mom) testing phase. In each phase we carefully track the soaking time of various ingredients, grind them to perfection and let them ferment in natural environment.
We do not let the new fad i.e food technology take over tradition and invade our kitchen.


How we Do

Our manufacturing and fermentation process are 100% natural. We do not add soda or any preservatives.The batters are ground on a made to order basis to avoid any wastage of resources.

Our batters are delivered at your door step directly by us or through our various delivery partners. F2F is not just any other business initiative, it's a movement. It's a movement to restore traditional breakfast habits in every household by making the resources available in convenient easy to use form.
It's a movement for the women, by the women and to the women.


Our vision

  • Replace unhealthy shortcuts to breakfast with healthy wholesome meal options.
  • Make available such ingredients in convenient ready to use form.
  • Procure naturally processed Millets,Dals, pulses directly from farmer cooperative societies thereby maximizing benefits to them.

Why F2F

  • Our batters are made hygienically and freshly ground every day.
  • Fresh batters made on pre orders.
  • Delivered at your door step.